$12,000 Melon, insane prices [photos]!

Sunday, May 20, 2012, 1:58 Latest News

$12,000 Melon, insane prices [photos]!

Would pay for a $12,000 dollar melon? These is one of the price for the most sought melon in Japan, its Yubari you know, Yubari or  not, crap the price is just astoundingly very high compared to western standard.

Usually the price of Melon ranges from $50 dollars to$100 dollars, still high, but with the economy and the problems with the agriculture the melon reaches tip top prices, some are sold as much as $30,000 dollars and other $6,000 dollars.

2012/05/12000-Melon-Yubariprices-photos-300x221.jpg" alt="$12,000 Melon, Yubari,prices [photos]!" width="300" height="221" />

Seems like being an agriculturist or farmer in Japan will surely makes you a millionaire in just a short period of time,

But I think it’s not about the taste of a melon or the scarcity of it, it’s about the bragging rights to have your name, the one, the person who bought the $30,000 dollar melon.

What do you think?

photo source:Kotaku.com

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