1940 Census archive website Login| Signup

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1940 Census archive website Login| Signup

The 1940 Census archive website was flooded by visitors after they initially opened the site for visitors,  users who tried to sign up with the site was temporarily experienced a halt due to the sudden in flock of users who wanted to sign up and login to the website,  with millions of visitors the web the site experience a minor set back, but now its back on track to provide the public the 1940’s Census images and data.

What is 1940 Census?

The National Archives released the 1940 census to the public on April 2, 2012 after a mandatory 72-year waiting period. This website, designed and hosted by Archives.com, provides access to digital images of the census – more than 3.8 million pages.

The 1940 census records were released by the US National Archives April 2, 2012, and brought online through a partnership with Archives.com. This website allows you full access to the 1940 census images, in addition to 1940 census maps and descriptions.

So how to use the 1940 Census site?

Create an account to this website to save your bookmarks for future reference. It’s easy. Click “create an account” below, then enter your name, email address, and set a password. We’ll save your bookmarks and you can log in here anytime. You do not need an account to use the remainder of the website.

1940 Census archive website Login| Signup You can create an account or connect using your facebook account if you do have one, just go to http://1940census.archives.gov or to login or register http://1940census.archives.gov/login/

1940 Census archive website Login| Signup How It Works

1940 Census archive website Login| Signup

  • Find census maps and descriptions to locate an enumeration district.
    To find a person in the census, you first need to determine the appropriate enumeration district number. This can be found by searching census district maps and descriptions.
  • Browse census images to locate a person in the 1940 census.
    Census images are organized by enumeration district number. Once you’ve located the correct one, you can begin to browse census images to look for your ancestor.
  • Save, share, and download images to save your work and share with family members.
    When you locate a census image, you can easily save, share, or download the image for future reference. This image can be a great keepsake, or addition to your family tree!

If you want to see the history of the 1940’s check now the 1940’s Census website, the 1940 census recorded that critical period in American history as the country was still recovering from the Great Depression and before its entry into World War II. This census will prove to be invaluable to genealogists, historians, demographers, and others for years to come.

1940 Census archive website Login| Signup

Source: http://1940census.archives.gov


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