2012 Honda Civic Recall Model

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2012 Honda Civic Recall Model

50,000 model cars, year 2012 Honda Civic vehicles, will be recalled in the United States, and will be inspected; the problem the left driveshaft, there is a possibility that will be replaced.

The left (driver’s side) driveshaft in certain vehicles may not have been properly assembled, potentially allowing it to separate from the outer CV joint while in operation. Read the details below from Honda.

2012 Honda Civic Recall Model

Driveshaft in certain vehicles may not have been properly assembled, If separation occurs, the engine will no longer propel the vehicle in any gear, and the vehicle may roll away if the parking brake has not been set when the gear selector has been placed in the Park position, increasing the risk of a crash or personal injury. No crashes or injuries have been reported related to this issue.

The customers with the Honda Civic 2012 model car is advised to take their cars to the nearest authorized dealers, when they receive the notifications from Honda.

Mailed notification to customers will begin in late-June 2012. In addition to contacting customers by mail, in late-June, owners of these vehicles will be able to determine if their vehicles require repair by going on-line to www.recalls.honda.com or by calling (800) 999-1009, and selecting option 4.

Source: Honda.com

2012 Honda Civic Recall Model

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