Adding your RSS feeds to Facebook

Saturday, January 22, 2011, 13:11 Tech Tutorials

Adding your RSS feeds to Facebook

Facebook do have millions of users worldwide, and driving these users to visit your site is good way to boost your online presence, you will gain more visitors and followers, but the question is how?

There are many ways to take advantage of facebook’s  settings to drive traffic to your website, one of the most effective way is to add your RSS feed to your facebook, your RSS feed will be shown to your notes page or wall every time you published a new article, the online users of Facebook will see the article on their wall, this might attract them to click the link especially if you have an interesting post to your blog.

If you want to add your RSS feed to facebook, go to this page. go to My Notes then click the Edit import settings after clicking the Edit import settings the page below will appear, just add your RSS feed example:

then check the checkbox and click start importing.

adding RSS note facebook

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  • Pinoy Technology News

    I tried importing my RSS feeds to Facebook as instructed above but I keep getting an error that “There is no feeds detected for the site”. I wonder what’s wrong with my feed. I used Feedburner though. I tried using the default feed but still the same error.

  • teach

    Did you check your RSS feed? if its working properly?

  • teach

    If you still encountering such error, just log out, then open the facebook and import again your rss feed by following the said instructions, sometimes the import notes of facebook don’t work that well.

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