Alfonso Ribeiro Carlton Fresh Prince Dead (Know the Truth)

Sunday, September 9, 2012, 0:34 Latest News

Alfonso Ribeiro Carlton Fresh Prince Dead (Know the Truth)

Here I am again providing information for again a death hoax that littered the search engines as well as different social networks, this time the death  is going viral again sparking questions whether the celebrity is dead, in short another death hoax.

So how did it started? the death hoax started when tweet…with a message Alfonso Ribeiro R.I.P twitted and a facebook page was dedicated to him on the facebook page a message “From Fresh Prince, he will be forever missed. September 21, 1971 – September 6, 2012“, plus an article confirming the death of Alfonso Ribeiro, Carlton from Fresh Prince.

With this the fans search the net for answer, looking for the news and the truth whether its true or not, asking question about Alfonso Ribeiro,

so here is the truth, its all just a death hoax guys there is no truth to the news that Alfonso Ribeiro died even though the message is going viral that Alfonso Ribeiro that played Carlton on the sitcom show Fresh Prince of Bel Air died at the age 39 years old, its all just a death hoax.

See the Facebook page that is the source for death hoax of Alfonso Ribeiro

With this Alfonso Ribeiro tweeted that he is alive and well to stop the death hoax from going viral and to inform his fans that he is alive and kicking, read his recent tweets about his death as well as on his Facebook page below


Alfonso Ribeiro Carlton Fresh Prince Dead

A screenshot from his Facebook page about his comment on his apparent death

Alfonso Ribeiro Carlton Fresh Prince Dead (Know the Truth)

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  • Jan Koonce

    Maybe you should go and sit on the front row; but where is the casket and corpse?????RIPJan Koonce Dyersburg,Tn.

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