August 20 and 21 2012 Holiday in Philippines Non working or Working?

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August 20, 2012 Holiday in Philippines Non working or Working?

In just a few weeks Ramadan or Eid-ul Fitr will be observed by millions of Muslims around the world,  here in the Philippines thousands of Muslims will also observed the end or Ramadan, the Ramadan is a long month observation of fasting and devotion to God and abstaining from selected foods by our Muslim brothers.

August 20, 2012 Holiday in Philippines

With this the public wants to know if the end of Ramadan a holiday? Is August 20, 2012 Holiday?

Plus its also a celebration of Ninoy Aquino Day, that will fall in August 21, 2012, it might be a holiday meaning it will be along holiday for the public especially for students and government workers, a two day of rest for the public.

Before it was declared by Malacanang as a holiday, but this year the Malacanang did not released any statement yet on the August 20, 2012 but the August 21, 2012 is said to be a holiday. So please visit this page again for the updates on the August 20, 2012 if the day is Holiday or nor whether its Non Working or Working holiday.

Ramadan is a month event being observed by Millions of Muslims around the world during the month of Ramadan; Muslims show their devotion to God by fasting, or abstaining from food.


Regular Holiday for August 20, 2012

Observance of Eid-ul Fitr

Special Non Working Holiday August 21, 2012

Ninoy Aquino Day

(No class or office work wahoo!!! Long Holiday!!!- Like US to spread the news on Facebook!!)

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August 20 and 21 2012 Holiday in Philippines Non working or Working?

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