BMW’s New Mini offers Playfulness and Performance

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BMW’s New Mini offers Playfulness and Performance

 The new Mini Roadster by BMW promises top performance and loads of luxury in one fun little package. This convertible two-seater is playful and sporty, boasting a powerful four-cylinder engine that delivers thrilling acceleration to get the wind racing through your hair.

Fans of the Mini Roadster face a choice between several different models: the Mini Cooper, Mini Cooper S, and the John Cooper Works. With a retail price of around $25,000, the Mini Cooper is the cheapest of the bunch, yet it delivers an impressive 121 horsepower. The Cooper S and John Cooper Works models are slightly more expensive, but customers looking for raw power will appreciate the turbocharged 1.6-liter engines that hide beneath their distinctive hoods.

The most powerful performance is offered by the John Cooper Works model, which delivers a massive 208 horsepower. All three models have very firm suspension, which allows the car to handle sharply on tight corners. The six-speed manual transmission of the Mini Roadster offers the driver total control over the car’s handling. Safety features such as dynamic stability control and traction control minimize your chance of getting into an accident, even in hazardous winter driving conditions, and four airbags protect the driver and passenger if an accident does occur.

BMW’s New Mini offers Playfulness

The Roadster outstrips its main rivals in terms of fuel efficiency. Each model of the Mini Roadster gives at least 33 miles per gallon on the highway and 25 mpg in the city. These impressive figures mean that you are able to have fun on the roads without worrying about having a big impact on the environment.

The exterior design of the Roadster incorporates the Mini’s distinctive chrome grill and round headlights. The interior display features a typically large central speedometer, similar to other Mini models. However, the Roadster’s interior is much more luxurious compared to previous offerings from Mini. With 6-way adjustable seats and the option to add in-seat heating and leather upholstery, this car was built to let you have fun in comfort and style.


At only 6 ft 3.3 in at its widest point, the new Mini Roadster is characteristically compact, yet there is plenty of storage space in the trunk even when the roof is rolled back. Don’t be underwhelmed by the small size of this car; the Mini Roadster combines sportiness and luxury in a neat little package that is great fun to drive.

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Guest post contributed by Jarrod Cohen, for Fremont Toyota. Jarrod is a mechanic and sports car enthusiast. He spends his spare time attending car shows and exhibitions.


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