Bobak Ferdowsi Biography Mohawk Guy at NASA

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Bobak Ferdowsi Biography Mohawk Guy at NASA

Bobak Ferdowsi Mohawk Guy

Bobak Ferdowsi is now an internet sensation after his hairstyle captured the attention of billions of people watching the landing of Mars Curiosity, after the successful landing of the Mars Curiosity, so is Bobak Ferdowsi, he is now the talk of the town as he captured the minds of young and ladies alike, he is not just hip but also a brilliant scientist who works with some of the smartest guy in the world. If you just recently tuned in to NASA, Bobak changes his hair for every missions so watch out for photos of him with different hairstyles. But who is Bobak Ferdowsi, know more about him by reading his short biography below:

Name: Bobak Ferdowsi

Age: 32 years old.

Pasadena, California

Mission Controller at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

College University of Washington

Master’s degree at MIT

Working at JPL for Nine years

Gained more than 10,000 Twitter followers overnight.


photo credit: MSNBC

Bobak Ferdowsi Biography

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  • Mani264get

    It should be mentioned on the top of the row that ” HE IS IRANIAN”.

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