Brazil Kiss Nightclub in Santa Maria Killed 233 (VIDEO)

Sunday, January 27, 2013, 22:29 Latest News

By Jo Teach

Brazil Kiss Nightclub in Santa Maria Killed 233 (VIDEO)

It’s a hell for the 233 unfortunate souls in Kiss NightClub Sunday, there are about over 2000 people having some fun partying  when the fire broke out most of them died from smoke inhalation and stampede,  there are 90 people hospitalized.

Brazil Kiss Nightclub in Santa Maria Killed 233

Brazil Kiss Nightclub in Santa Maria Killed 233 photo credit: Getty Images

Some escaped from the blazing fire but 233 were not able to make it out alive as the Kiss Nigh Club becomes an inferno as the fire continues to grow and swept the entire nightclub, according to witnesses the fire came from the member of the band who lit flares, the ceiling caught fire and its spread in just matter of minutes.

The people who saw the commotion outside the club describe it as a chaotic scene as the overcrowding club turned inferno, people where trying to get out but thousands pushed themselves out of the small door of the Kiss Night Club, the Kiss of fun becomes Kiss of Death.

A deep investigation is being conducted by the police.

See the video below of the chaotic scene.

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