Bump 3.0.2 App for Android – Download

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Bump 3.0.2 App for Android – Download

Download this amazing app (Bump 3.0.2 App )that revolutionize how he exchange and share information together, yes app will help you share data together just by bumping the phone with each other, the data will be sent up to the cloud, the app will help you share contacts and photos in just a bump, see the detail below for the Bump 3.0.2 App application, developed by Bump Technologies Inc.

Bump 3.0.2 appBump 3.0.2 App

Bump 3.0.2 App for Android


Bump two phones together to share photos, contacts, and apps!

Use Bump to share contact information and photos by simply bumping two phones together. Just open Bump, hold your phones, and gently bump your hands together — Bump will magically do all the rest.

• FIND MUTUAL FRIENDS: networks and phone contacts


Use Bump 3.0.2 App with all your friends! More than 75 million downloads.

Bump works cross-platform between all Android and most other modern mobile phones.

  1. Introducing Bump 3.0.2 App

  2. =============
  3. Bump is totally new!
  4. • Brand new, simple, beautiful design
  5. • Zero touches to bump your contact information
  6. • Bump as many photos as you want
  7. • Discover mutual friends with someone with just a bump (from your address book and social networks)
  8. Thanks for being one of the more than 75 million people who have helped make Bump one of the most downloaded mobile apps of all time!

If you have any questions about the app, or want to know more how it works, on how to troubleshoot please visit the bump site FAQ at http://bu.mp/faq Download for iPhone so far the latest version for iPhone is 3.0 while for Android is Bump 3.0.2 app

Or you can also developed an App and add the Bump technology to your app by using their Bump API, add Bump to your app (iPhone or Android) with just about 10 lines of code. the API page for Bump Application, add Bump to your app

Download this Bump 3.0.2 App App at Android Market

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 Bump 3.0.2 App

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