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Another story of a teacher losing her professionalism, seems like every month another scandal is always flooding the net, so what is this new topic?

Here it is, Carly McKinney aka CarlyCrunkedBear, we don’t know if what she is thinking(maybe she is stoned)  but seems like she do have a career in the p*rn industry as she tweeted some explicit photos of herself, and that’s not all she also posted jokingly posted some messages about using drugs at school, with this it’s a big no no for the school administration making them filed some administrative sanctions against Carly McKinney.

But who is Carly McKinney? What do we know about her?

Carly McKinney aka CarlyCrunkedBear is a school teacher in Colorado she is young just age 23 she is a math teacher teaching in Overland HighSchool in Aurora Colorado, she do have a twitter account CarlyCrunkBear, she later admitted in national television that she owned the twitter account and she is the one who twitted the messages.

Carly McKinney CarlyCrunkedBear Uncensored

Carly McKinney CarlyCrunkedBear photo credit: Getty Images

“Nak3d. Wet. Stoned”
“Watching a drug bust go down in the parking lot. It’s funny cuz I have weed in my car in the staff parking lot.”

With this the search for her explicit photos is now spreading like wildfire and its now flooding the search engines she is also the hot topic in several blog and media websites as her explicit photos goes viral.

If you want to see some uncensored photos of her tons of it you can check website or

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