Case Study Example-Download

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Case Study Example-Download

Here are some examples and links for Case Studies, Case Study Example, a case study is an in depth study of a companies behavior or especially the behavior of workers toward something , the goal of case study is to analyze and seek pattern of a person’s behavior, the reason for his her actions, performance in the workplace. Such type of case studies includes descriptive, collective, and explanatory where it is being used to do causal investigations on the problem.

If you are looking for real life examples, or just examples conducted created, below are Case Study Examples that may help you create one or maybe similar to problem in your company.

Feel free to browse the following documents of Case Study Examples, collected from different sites on the net.

Case Study Example

Case Study Examples


  1. 1.   Case Study Example: Water Management

Two decades ago, natives of villages in Rajasthan, India, were facing overwhelming poverty (up to 80% of people in poverty!) due to several years of severe droughts

Questions for the Case Study Sample

  • Where is the case study from (country and continent)?

2.   Case Study Example Operations Management

Review the company, John Deere from an operations perspective. Analyze how JD runs its operations, the ways it chooses to compete, how JD develops new products and how it plans operations. Look at the ways it has diversified operations (i.e. John Deere health insurance, etc.)

3 . Case Study Example Client: Provincial Health Research Organization
Topic: Business Planning

Our client was:

  • A provincial Ministry that was acting as a catalyst in the formation of an organization designed to facilitate translational health research
  • The organization required a full description of its mandate and its operational requirements to facilitate the launch of the organization
  • A full requirements definition was needed as a basis for bringing on a Board, senior management and needed staff

More real life case study examples: More schroeder Case Study Examples

4.   Case Study Example Saba Customer Case Studies

Customers around the globe rely on Saba to help continuously align goals, develop people, improve collaboration and increase visibility into organizational performance. Saba’s case studies highlight how our customers are increasing productivity and performance through both Saba and Centra solution sets.

Below is a select list of Saba customer case studies

Case Study Example



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