Chimera Cat Photo Amazingly Real

Thursday, August 30, 2012, 6:58 Latest News

Chimera Cat Photo Amazingly Real

I was browsing Reddit and found this photo submitted by a user several days ago and I though that it is photoshopped (Meet Venus the Chimera Cat), I just ignored it maybe its all just a trick and now this morning as I browsed the net,  it is now going viral, is it true? I searched for it and guess what, WTF!!! Its true its my first time to see this type of mutation to a cat, yes cat sometimes tend to have different colors and sometimes looks unreal but this one its really extreme, a two face cat, a Chimera not just in color but also the eyes two set of colors different from the left and also the right one. See the photos below.

I was reading several articles about it and some also mistaken it as a  photoshopped, this kind of mutation is Chimera, I don’t know if what the heck is a chimera, here is the definition from the net.

Chimera – a single organism usually an animal that is composed of two or more different Species or cell infused together through sexual reproduction or by laboratory. See also National Geographic on Chimera

See the Chimera Cat below, Venus

Chimera Cat Photo Amazingly Real

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Chimera Cat Photo Amazingly Real

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