Comelec Official Tally Election Results 2013

Sunday, May 12, 2013, 13:13 Latest News

Comelec Official Tally Election Results 2013

Just a sleep away and the election 2013 will start, everyone already do have their bets for the local and national candidates, who do you think will be in the magic twelve? Will it be the Pnoy team or the UNA? Who will dominate?

No one knows maybe there are some candidates for the independent that will have a lucky shot for the top 12 for the senate position but that is very slim, anyway no matter who wins the election we hope that they will walk the talk that they presented during the campaign period and not just broken promises.

This is the second automated election, and just like before the result will be fast and accurate, in just a matter of 24 hours we will already know the results for both local and national election, but the total tally maybe will be after 48 hours for the national candidates.

The Comelec is expected to release the official results for the total tally of the voters. The voter turn-out is expect to be a good one as many voters registered to vote this year, a whopping 52 million according to Comelec.

What will be the official results who will have the most votes for the senatorial election? Will it be the same politicians or there are some new comers for the senate? What do you think?

Watch out for more updates on the Comelec Official Tally Election Results 2013.

Facts about the 2013 Election

  • 52,014,648 voters Registered Voters
  • Money Ban was suggest but was denied by the Supreme Court
  • This year’s election has less crime rate compared to the previous one
  • More people engaged and get their information via internet
  • Using  of smartphone apps becomes a trend for the election 2013

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