Crysis 2 Weapons details, Pictures

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Crysis 2 Weapons details, Pictures

Grendel Weapon Focus












Burst firing its way into the Crysis universe, the Grendel is an assault rifle that packs a 3-shot punch you don’t want to be standing in front of. Whether you want to get into the thick of it with burst fire or if you wish to sit back and pick off your enemies in semi-auto mode, the Grendel offers a variety of combat capabilities to suit almost any situation.













Designed from the ground up for military purposes by upstart company Bishop Ballistics, the Jackal is a heavy-duty combat shotgun in every sense of the term. While its competitors are based on civilian market models, the main concept behind the Jackal is accurate, low-recoil, rapid-fire delivery of 12 gauge shotgun rounds downrange in an urban combat zone.

Despite its expensive price tag, the Jackal is highly sought after by private military contractors and security personnel, who love it for its reliability, high rate of fire and optional high-capacity magazine. There is no target that can withstand a full magazine from the Jackal at point-blank range, and the sheer sound of a Jackal being fired nearby is enough to send adversaries running for cover.













The Joint Anti-Tank Weapon – short JAW – is the latest in man-portable, lightweight disposable recoilless anti-tank weapons. Developed by Hagerling Ordnance (Sweden) and in service with all military branches of the United States and other military forces worldwide, the JAW is able to defeat modern tanks, armored vehicles and also groups of infantry with its dual-purpose tandem HEAT warhead.

Designed for urban combat and long distance engagements alike, the JAW can be safely used from enclosed rooms and bunkers against nearby threats, but also has the option to use limited SACLOS guidance to defeat moving targets and even helicopters at ranges exceeding 500m when aiming down the sights.

Being a one-shot weapon, the JAW is issued as ammunition with the empty tube discarded after use. Since the weapon is mainly constructed from lightweight composite materials, anti-armor specialists usually carry several JAWs at the same time with a minimal impact on movement compared to other infantry equipment.













The Marshall is the latest combat shotgun model from the famous Italy-based manufacturer Corbetta Firearms. Crafted around a durablepolymer frame and fitted with a retractable stock, the weapon resembles combat-proven, state-of-the-art technology used by law enforcement, military police and the private security sector for several years.

With its high capacity internal magazine, the Marshall can hold a large amount of shells, addressing concerns over limited ammo capacity in previous models. The additional rail mount options provide a new level of adaptation, which enables rapid customization in the field. When using the latest 12 gauge ammunition types, it is even possible to attach compact silencers for covert tactical entry operations.

Like its predecessors, the Marshall provides excellent short-range stopping power against all but the most heavily armored targets, making it an essential piece of equipment for riot-control and urban combat operations.














The latest in high-caliber handguns, Ukrainian Lisunov Arms have unleashed a true beast with their new Hammer pistol. Designed for the heavy hitting .50cal Compact round, the Hammer boasts unrivalled stopping power for its class, capable of piercing spider silk body armor with just a few shots.

Insufficient for military usage as a sidearm, due to its low magazine size and high recoil, the weapon is nonetheless popular with bodyguard services and other private contractors around the globe, where instant stopping power counts more than ammo capacity.

Recently, rumors emerged that mega corporation CryNet have secured a lucrative contract with Lisunov to equip their private sector C.E.L.L. security forces with Hammer pistols, despite concerns from civil rights lawyers that the weapon would be overkill in the hands of law enforcement. CryNet were unavailable for comment on the matter.














European-manufactured submachine gun with high capacity magazine and an impressive rate of 1200 RPM when fired in full auto mode. The Feline, developed by British weapon specialists, Lank & Linder, was introduced in 2019 primarily for specialist law enforcement and armed forces worldwide. As of 2023, the Feline is still considered best-of-class, lauded for its dominating rate of fire and compact, ergonomic bullpup design.

The Feline utilizes next-gen 4.7mm pistol ammunition, shrinking overall bullet size and increasing magazine capacity with no discernible impact on stopping power.

In addition to its compact design, the Feline can mount a number of attachments including a laser pointer and reflex sight to enhance the weapon’s accuracy and combat range.













As its name suggests, the K-Volt uses electricity to dispatch targets, firing electrostatic pellets that deliver a powerful jolt on impact. The K-Volt’s ballistics are actually closer to a paintball gun than a regular firearm, being less effective against moving targets because of the strong leading required to score a hit.

The K-Volt is a compliance weapon that provides police officers and private security personnel a ranged, non-lethal option. Like other electroshock weapons, the risk of a lethal injury always remains, but is much higher with the K-Volt due to its controversial rapid fire mode. In recent years there have been numerous incidents with K-Volt bursts being fired into crowds in Syria and Mexico, resulting in several dead and dozens of injured.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that manufacturer CryNet developed the K-Volt primarily for military usage as an EMP weapon to counter the increased availability of digitized soldier equipment and vehicles. The version currently available on the market could well be a scaled-down byproduct of much larger devices with the potential to neutralize even bigger targets.




Introduced in 2018 and manufactured by US-based Scrutch Industries, the SCAR is now the standard-issue assault rifle for all US Forces. Utilizing advanced rifle cartridges that are smaller than the previous 5.56mm rounds, the SCAR offers increased ammunition storage per-magazine with zero impact on combat effectiveness. Field tests confirm that it exceeds its predecessor in almost every area, from muzzle velocity through flight stability to terminal ballistics.

The SCAR is part of the Superior Combat Assault Rifle weapon family comprising the SCAR assault rifle, the shorter SCARAB carbine, and the SCARE sniper variant. The SCAR family of weapons was first unveiled in 2018, shortly before the Lingshan Incident. Following a successful trial period, it rapidly became the assault rifle of choice for all US military branches andvarious security forces and military contractors worldwide.

The weapon can mount a variety of attachments including under barrel grenade launchers and combat scopes, making it an excellent tactical choice to adapt to the rapidly changing combat situations of modern conflicts.



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