Damini Raped Victim in India Died (BIO)

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Damini Raped Victim in India Died (BIO)

The victim of a raped crime in a bus in india died in hospital in Singapore she died of a severe organ failure following serious injuries to her body and brain, the victim identified as Damini by protesters has been the symbol for India in campaigning of women in India to combat crime against women especially rape.

Damini Raped Victim in India Died

Mount Elizabeth hospital photo credit: nationalturk.com

With this a lot of searches are being conduct to identify the profile of a woman although police already protected her identity, still the public wants to know the background of the victim and whereabouts about her and what happened to her on that tragic day.

Damini Facts Profile and Bio

Her name was taken from 1993 Bollywood film whose lead female character fights for a housemaid, a victim of sexual assault.

  • The woman is from Delhi, India
  • She is a Hindu
  • She was a 23 year old woman
  • She was a medical student in India
  • She was attacked along with her boyfriend on a bus last December 16
  • Admitted in Mount Elizabeth hospital for treatment in Singapore
  • 8 Doctors treated her on her severe injuries
  • Attacked by Six Men now being charged with several cases maximum life imprisonment (possible death penalty)
  • A national and worldwide campaign was organized to protest and create a move for more protection of women in India


The name of the victim has been released to the public by her father the name of the poor victim is Jyoti Singh Pandey


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