Diablo 3 Hot Keys Download Keyboard Short Cuts

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Diablo 3 Hot Keys Download Keyboard Short Cuts

Diablo 3 one of the hottest game right now on the planet, millions of players around the world are hooked up with this game, everyone is tuned in to play and battle with the enemy with Diablo 3.

But playing the game needs more than hand and eye coordination you also need skills and some techniques to battle and win your opponent. Some of the skills that you need is the technique in using the Diablo 3 hot keys.

Diablo 3 Hot keys IGN

Diablo 3 Hot keys from IGN

Learn how to play like a pro, learn and defeat your enemies with fast and lightning accuracy, use a Diablo 3 Hot keys. Learn the strategy and guide in learning the Diablo 3 and its hot keys, see the details below for more information, download the guide and Diablo 3 Hot Keys, see the links for the different site on the Diablo 3 Hot Keys.

Diablo 3 Hot Keys and Strategy Guide

Kotkeys    Game options > Keyboard.

Diablo 3 General Key bindings

Toggle Inventory                                            I           B

Toggle Skills Panel                                                      S

Toggle Quests Panel                                                   J

Toggle Journal Panel                                                   L

toggle Hireling Panel                                                  F

Toggle Map

TAB                                                                           M

Toggle Zoom                                                       Z

Diablo 3 Gampeplay Key bindings

Force Stand Still                                             SHIFT

Move/ Primary Skill/Interact                           MOUSE1

Secondary Skill                                               MOUSE2

Hotbar Skill 1                                                              1

Hotbar Skill 2                                                              2

Hotbar Skill 3                                                              3

Hotbar Skill 4                                                              4

Potion Button                                                             Q

Town Portal Button                                                    T


Banner                                                                         G

Toggle Advanced Skill Tooltip                                   CTRL

Diablo 3 Hot Keys Download


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