Diablo 3 Login Error 37 – Solution

Tuesday, May 15, 2012, 11:40 Tech Updates

Diablo 3 Login Error 37 –  Solution

Diablo 3 has just been recently released in the market and it receive an overwhelming support from the fans,  but with the user flocking in and trying to log in to the servers it created a bottle neck that made users unable to login to the Diablo 3 servers.

The error occur, Error 37 occurs when the login servers for Diablo are at full capacity, even after the Monday bonanza still the server are overwhelmingly full of players.

With this problem the twitter was hit by hash tag #error 37 complaining about the problems logging in, the search engine was also hit by queries regarding the Diablo 3 error 37, encountered by users.

The forums where also bombarded with questions on the Diablo error 37 comment like

“sooo glad I stayed up till 3 am for this crap…”, “Seriously glad I waited until 2 am my time to keep typing my password over and over again for going on 30 mins now.”

Diablo 3 Login Error 37 –  Solution

From the Diablo Forum

Due to high concurrency the login servers are currently at full capacity. This may cause delays in the login process, account pages and web services.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience while this is being resolved.

But this is just a temporary setback from the Diablo 3 problem; the only solution is to wait until the tech engineers from the Diablo 3 group can fix the problem with the bottlenecks.

  Diablo 3 Login Error 37 –  Solution

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  • Gogu

    i do not understand how a so big gamescompany have not anticipated this problem
    and so , you are forced to try again and again until you can play
    i mean , they giving  game play to you with spoon

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