Donations via Text Political Parties can receive money text

Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 7:39 Tech Updates

Donations via Text Political Parties can receive money text

With the technology fast soaring, political campaigns for the Presidency election is also going to used the power of technology, this time via text.

The federal election regulators permitted the political groups to receive donations through text messaging this is a new cash gathering tool for election this years and the first time the campaigners to use this kind of method to gather funds.

The ruling received a unanimous approval, this will pave way for the candidates to receive more funds, and the donations may be just a small amount to $50 dollars for those who want to donate for the campaign of the politician.

The contributions from one donor to one PAC will be capped at $50 per month, which would be monitored by the company aggregating the messaging and billing that will act as a middleman between the phone companies and political groups.

Donations capped at $10 per text, $50 per month, for each texted contribution, the political solicitor is likely to receive about 50 percent to 70 percent of the total, the rest shared by the carrier and the aggregator, according to the FEC documents on the ruling.

With this kind of method it is expected that this campaign is going to be the biggest ever and will be the biggest contributions in the history of political campaign.

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