Download 6.74c AI 1.3 Map – Dota AllStars 6.7 AI Map

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Download 6.74c AI 1.3 Map – Dota AllStars 6.7 AI Map

Download the new Dota Map and Dota All stars map, the new map is 6.74c AI 1.3 Map, as well as the Dota Allstars 6.7 AI Map. Several features and fixes,  see the links below and download the new map for Dota, so what are some of the new features? New item system is in place and all item builds were changed with new ones. Heroes learnt to use some of the new items. Numerous internal changes and tests were made, mostly not visible to the player.
DotA v6.74c AI 1.3b Download
DotA 6.74c AI 1.3b
DotA 6.74c AI 1.3b

Some change log in the new Map

  • Item-pickup system reworked
  • Added price for Cheese
  • Item selling animation will now correctly displayed overhead
  • Fixed ALL itemdrop issues
  • Fixed flickering observer board bug.
  • Unused player slots now have normal names (Player 1, Player 2, etc) instead of AI player names (1N Computer, 2N Computer, etc).
  • Shortening several AI action strings on observer boards.
  • Added script usage for Tranquil Boots, Abyssal Blade, Heaven’s Halberd, and Rod of Atos.


Download 6.74c AI 1.3 Map – Dota AllStars 6.7 AI Map

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