Emma Watson UNCENSORED Natural Beauty PHOTOS

Sunday, March 24, 2013, 7:36 Latest News

Emma Watson UNCENSORED Natural Beauty PHOTOS

Emma Watson does it for, she bare her top for a cause, “Natural Beauty”  a project for the Global Green USA.  The star of Harry Potter change her sweet teen  look to a mature one by doing this photo shoot, well it is for a good cause she take part for celebrity photos for the book, with all proceeds donated to Global Green USA.

Emma Watson uncensored

She even twitted her activity about the photos

“ My friend is supporting GlobalGreenUSA with his book Natural Beauty. It’s out now. : ) X”

The news spreads and its now viral as more and more people want to see her bare photos, published, it’s not a scandal, but more fans of her want to see the photos as this is the first time she bares the top to the public. …

Mean while the demand for her uncensored photos is hitting up… can we have some links?



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