Ernest Borgnine Biography

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 Ernest Borgnine Biography Died Age 95

 Birth Name    Ermes Effron Borgnine

Height  5′ 9″ (1.75 m)

Ernest Borgnine was born Ermes Effron Borgnino on January 24, 1917, in Hamden, Connecticut.


Tova Borgnine   (24 February 1973 – present)

Donna Rancourt               (30 June 1965 – 1 January 1972) (divorced) 3 children

Ethel Merman   (27 June 1964 – 28 July 1964) (divorced)

Katy Jurado        (31 December 1959 – 3 June 1963) (divorced)

Rhoda Kemins   (2 September 1949 – 29 August 1958) (divorced) 1 child

Facts about Ernest Borgnine

Is a Master Mason and has been elevated to the 33rd Degree in Scottish Rite

Former member of the Citizen’s Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC).

Enrolled in the Randall School of Dramatic Art in Hartford. Between 1946 and 1950,

Knows as Sergeant Fatso in From Here to Eternity(1953, with Burt Lancaster, Frank Sinatra, and Montgomery Clift

1930′s Ernest Borgnine served on board the USS Lamberton (DD-119), which towed targets out of San Diego

Died of renal failure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with his wife and children at his side, age 95

Ernest Borgnine Biography Died Age 95


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