How to Facebook FriendShake App Android iPhone

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How to Facebook FriendShake App Android iPhone

Facebook just released a new app in town an app that let you find friends nearby or possible friends around you,  this is another step of Facebook to tap to the mobile industry by creating app that will help users browse and used facebook easily and with might.

But this new Facebook app is somewhat dangerous for it will open another issue for privacy, this is a very good tool for stalkers and other people who wants to check if you are around, but this tool is also a good way to find friends and mingle with them if they are around, a very easy and handy app for socialization, making us more connected.

The app is already built in the iPhone, iPad and Android phones, you can used it right away in a very easy and uncomplicated manner.

So how to used it in Android and iPhone? Below are the steps in accessing the application,

How to Facebook FriendShake App Android iPhone

See for the feature Friendshake then select Find Nearby Friends and can be accessed via the

iPhone and iPad



Find Friends>

Other Tools>

Find Nearby Friends, and the you go you can see if who are your friends nearby


Android device, see the instructions below

Open up the official Facebook app,

Pull down the sidebar menu

Navigate to apps >

Find Friends >

Other Tools >

 Find friends nearby


Or if you want the other way around you can go to from your phone’s browser and log in to your Facebook account the other address is

There you go try the new Facebook Friendshake and tell us what you think of the application.

How to Facebook FriendShake App Android iPhone


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