Golf Cart by Ferrari: When taste matters more than money

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Golf Cart by Ferrari: When taste matters more than money


The present age is the age of the customers and the notion about human being that his needs and preferences never get satisfied is being contradicted with the invention of objects that are custom-made. Here comes another invention that would increase the amount of respect you have for cars.

Pennwick, a well-known name across the world in the field of custom golf carts, has created a stunning invention for golf lovers who were always concerned about the slow moving golf carts that took a reasonable amount of time in moving around the golf court. Running between the tees would now be easy as this car is equipped with a fast speed. Based on the concept of an electric golf cart, this red beauty named Pennwick F5 boasts of its resemblance with an Enzo Ferrari and so it is a much-awaited invention for all those people who always dreamed of possessing a Ferrari. So what if it is not the real one? At least the looks are real to give you a sense of pride in owning and driving it. Moreover, it would cost you $20,500 (the price for the base form of the model) which is not quite a reasonable amount when compared to the price of a Ferrari. This price of $20,500 is worth spending on such an invention, as it would provide you with a motor with 4hp and a speed of 20MPH. However, do not jump to any conclusion right away. This is just the base model and you will come across higher speeds in the other upgraded models of the F5.

The upgraded versions involve two models providing speeds of 25mph and 40mph with motors of capacity 6hp and 18hp respectively, which are stunning speeds for a golf cart. Driving would no more be an inconvenient event for those who hate traffic. This golf cart by Pennwick is featured with all the parts that are found in a normal car like headlights and taillights, mirrors on the sides, and an electric horn. Therefore, if you plan to go for a smooth drive on the highway in your “Mini Ferrari”, then you need not worry about the other vehicles passing by. Designed beautifully with a capacity of two passengers, this car offers you a safe and smooth drive in terms of its easy handling and ease in operations of the various gadgets installed in it. The gadgets involved are an hour meter and a battery charge indicator, which, as the name explains, indicated the amount of battery left over after a drive. The function of an hour meter is to let you know the time left with you for making the car reach the garage safely before the battery level reaches to the minimum.


Besides this, there are many more attractions. They include seats made of leather to provide you with enough comfort, an audio system to ease down your mind while driving, alloy wheels with a greater size of 15 inches, a harder top surface and a smart golf bag holder to make sure the car proves to be a good asset on the golf course. In addition to all these features, there is also a gas engine version of the model available for you to mark the car as a vehicle that is built on the concept of environmental friendliness, which is one of the major requirements of the present age vehicles. Therefore, there are certainly no reasons for you to wait and watch your neighbor to be the first one to grab this beauty. Go and get one for you now.


About the Author: Alia Haley is very passionate when it comes to blogging and writing. She is a gadget freak and loves to write on technology and most expensive items. Her articles include various aspects associated to technology.

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