Gretchen Molannen Dead Commits Suicide (BIO)

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Gretchen Molannen Dead Commits Suicide (BIO)

Gretchen Molannen committed suicide maybe this is due to her physical problems that she endured for the past 16 years, Gretchen Molannen is one of the few who suffers persistent genital arousal disorder, this problem only affects few people around the world and it is a condition that is very hard to cure, doctors believe it’s a nerve malfunction.

Gretchen Molannen bio

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But who is Gretchen Molannen? Know more about her?

Her problem started when she was 23 years old she lives in Spring Hill,, this rare problem tormented her all her life making her unable to work, and applied for a social security benefits, she plead her problems with the judge but was not approved, she seek medical attention to several experts and doctors but still unable to find the help she needed, with her persistent genital arousal disorder.

She don’t have any control with her arousal, that is giving her problems, and finally she is in control she committed suicide, ending her years of suffering, she already tried several times but it was unsuccessful but this time, its done.

She did have some series of boyfriends but having an intimate moment with them causes more problems than solution, fueling the fire instead of killing it, she is not addicted to it, it’s just a physical problem not psychological, and she is not the only one suffering from this problem although very rare, there are some who also suffered this fate.

He condition made headlines and was featured in Times, she asked for help, there are some who tried to help her but it was too late. Learn more about this sickness and about her at

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