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Are you a government employee? Want to have a secure future? The GSIS website, created by the government to provide the public an online access to information about GSIS website, if you have any questions regarding GSIS, especially about your pensions and Ecard, just visit GSIS website, instead of going to a GSIS office for asking questions usually situated in Key Cities, you can browse their website and post some questions regarding your inquiry.

GSIS offers compulsory life insurance, optional life insurance, retirement benefits, and disability benefits for work-related accidents and death benefits, policy loans. They also have an Ecard services getting your pensions more easy and convenient.

Visit the GSIS website for more information about their services.


About GSIS

“The GSIS is a social insurance institution created under Commonwealth Act Number 186 that was passed on November 14, 1936. To secure the future of all employees of the Philippine government, it provides and administers a pension fund that has the following social security benefits: compulsory life insurance, optional life insurance, retirement benefits, and disability benefits for work-related accidents and death benefits.

Likewise, the GSIS manages the General Insurance Fund as mandated by Republic Act 696 or the Property Insurance Law. It provides comprehensive protection to government insurable interests.” Website Ecard

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  • susan p.cabatbat

    I just want to know why is it that the other member of gsis who apply the said umid card have received their umid id already,how about us,why we don’t have?We applied for the same day and time,they received last January but for us none at all!We filled as one group at that time last September 2010 !Actually,the other teacher filled an application last summer and August 2010,still they don’t received their umid card,how come?Is that fair?I think it will not lost because there is an address for each and everyone.Hope you will give the time for this matter.thanks and hoping for your action.I’m a teacher came from Marcelo H. Del Pilar Elementary School—Queson City

  • Dennis A. Densing

     Yesterday, I logged-in in GSIS ecard and I found out that my net loan amount is 85,203.41. But when I applied(conso loan)
    today, my net loan amount became 59,000 plus. So, my question is that what happened to the 85,203.41? why did it decrease to 59,000 plus?

    thank you…

  • Atty. Maria Cecile C. Tresvalles-Cabalo

    Dear Sir/Madam, my mother, Zenaida C. Tresvalles is a pensioner with ecard # 36010200932 and card # 4404 5278 2332 0102. However, her card was blocked and she can no longer use it. She goes to Union Bank to withdraw her pension. What should she do to un-block her card to use it again. Thank you for usual prompt reply.

  • Neria

    Good day.What will I do to unblock the umid card of my husband.I was ask to inquire his current savings acct..I was not able to enter the pin code .I did it for 3x and so it was blocked.

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