Hyon Song Wol UNCENSORED Explicit Video Flooded Youtube

Thursday, August 29, 2013, 22:58 Latest News

Hyon Song Wol UNCENSORED Explicit Video Flooded Youtube

The news is spreading the ex lover of Kim Jon Un and 11 others are dead, executed by a machine gun…this happened after the North Korean police found out that the group of Hyon Song Wol the ex lover of Kim Jong Un violated the law against p*rn*graphy by North Korea, other 11 dead are also being attached to the scandal, but some of them was just executed because of what they called guilt by association, but expert are saying that this is not about the p*rn*graphy but instead a political motive they were killed due to politics. Hyon Song was a member Unhasu Orchestra and the Wangjaesan Light Music Band according to the report they were accused of filming themselves having s*x and selling the tapes., the execution was horrible as they were executed in front of their family.

Hyon Song Wol UNCENSORED Explicit Video Flooded Youtube

If you still don’t know Hyon Song Wol is a famous pop Korean artist and singer she is the woman behind the hit “Horse Like Lady, “Footsteps of Soldiers,” “I Love Pyongyang,” “She is a Discharged Soldier” and “We are Troops of the Party” she is also an ex lover of Kim Jong Un and a teenage sweetheart of Kim Jong Un, but they parted when Kim Jon Un started to hold office in the North Korean politics.

Meanwhile just hours after the news of the execution the UNCENSORED videos of Hyon Song Wol flooded the web especially YOUTUBE several screenshot was posted online and also the videos but was taken down due to violation of terms of service. The demand and search for the UNCENSORED videos of Hyon Song Wol is getting a lot of hits online as the news spreads about the execution.

What do you think of the execution? Is it too much? Share us your thoughts..

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