Ibajay Ati-atihan Festival 2013 Real Classic

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Ibajay Ati-atihan Festival 2013 Real Classic

Ati-Atihan 2013, I really enjoyed my short visit last January 27, 2013 in Ibajay Town, warm and lovely place everyone is happy about the celebration, the beat of the drums is outstanding, limitless as everyone is having some fun enjoying the festivities, the Ati-Atihan 2013.

Ibajay-Ati-atihan _2013 photos

Welcome to Ibajay


If you want to relieved the excitement of the Kalibo, Ati-Atihan and want to experience the Ati-Atihan in a classic way, old school, Ibajay Ati-Atihan is the place so good, so great, looks like the Ati-atihan of Kalibo several decades ago, very religious and the old habit of painting charcoal to faes and body is still being practice, great Ati-Atihan costumes, also most of the attire is made of indigenous materials.

It’s been a long time since I have seen so much food products being displayed on a bamboo stick, and finally the past, comeback to me again after I visit the Ati-Atihan in Ibajay, there are lechon Manok, Baboy, and tons of crabs and shrimps, mmmm… makes me wanna buy one. Proudly product of Ibajay.

Ibajay_Ati-atihan 2013

Crabs and Lechon Manok Yummy

A group of ducks and chickens parade, joining the Ati-Atihan, truly a classic  one, every Barangay in Ibajay present their own product, their pride and what items they produce in Ibajay.

I also love the people going in and out of the Church of Ibajay, thousands of devotees flocked to the altar to get close to the statue of Jesus Christ, truly an amazing sight.

See some of the photos below Ati-Atihan 2013 Ibajay


Ibajay_Ati-atihan _2013

Welcome to Ibajay 2013


Ati-atihan Costumes in Ibajay






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