Identity of Buxom Bandit Who is Buxom Bandit?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012, 4:01 Latest News

Identity of Buxom Bandit Who is Buxon Bandit?

Buxom bandit is wrecking havoc across the community; she is creating problems and showing some piece of glory during executing her crime.

She shows her amazing big b00bs, and also shows that she is dumb, lol

Australia that a busty lady had robbed a gas station without bothering to cover up her face and showing her mammary glands, that why she’s busted.

But who if Buxom Bandit? What is her indentity?

We only knew some little information about her identity, but one thing is for sure she do have a huge mammary glands.  Very BUSTED!! And very small brain

Buxom Bandit identity


Age Early thirties

Still at LARGE but BUSTED because of her photos (if you know what I mean)


Robbed the Gas Station

Choice of Weapon Big Jogs and a Clutched Knife

see updates about her:

Identity of Buxom Bandit Who is Buxon Bandit?

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