iPhone 5 New Dock Connector Price (Where to Buy)

Monday, September 10, 2012, 7:55 Tech Updates

iPhone 5 New Dock Connector Price (Where to Buy)

Rumored new iPhone 5 dock connector is becoming more real as the launch of iPhone 5 on September 12, 2012, images of leaked photos of iPhone 5 new Dock connector.

The new dock connector is much smaller and much more compact compared to its predecessor, the owners of the previous iPhone 4s as well as iPhone 4 and 3 will definitely not be able to used their existing dock connector as the new one is much smaller according to source.

The alleged leaked photos was first posted in www.nowhereelse.fr (http://www.nowhereelse.fr/cable-usb-nouvel-iphone-5-70654/) a French site, and the photos where posted across the net in tech blogs and tech sites.

iPhone 5 New Dock Connector Price

the leaked photo of iPhone 5 New Dock Connector from a http://www.nowhereelse.fr

Although several companies are trying to grab a blueprint or specification of the new connector to create their own for the new iPhone 5 or created gadgets that maybe used for the new iPhone 5, sources say that Apple Inc. is the only sole manufacturer of the phone and now where else.

Where to buy the new iPhone 5 dock connector?

If this is true the buyers don’t have a choice but to buy the dock connector to Apple store or any affiliated companies that sell iPhone 5 dock connector.

So how much is the price for each iPhone 5 dock connector? How much does it cost?

The new rumored iPhone 5 dock connector is said to cost about $8 dollars to $ 10 dollars each but you can save more by buying a bundle or several connectors that will cost $29 dollars (about 3 connectors)

So if you own an iPhone 4 or 4s you don’t have a choice but to upgrade to iPhone 4S to be able to connect or work with the latest connectors and accessories made for iPhone 5.

Check AMAZON website for the possible new iPhone 5 Dock connector AMAZON.COM new iPhone 5 Dock Connector

iPhone 5 New Dock Connector Price (Where to Buy)

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