Who is Lennay Kekua Bio Photos Manti Teo Girlfriend

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Who is Lennay Kekua Bio Photos

A bizarre twist in the news that is going viral right now, the epic, the heartwarming love story of all time, but seems like all is lost when news broke out that its all just a hoax.

Lennay Kekua the lady behind all of the media’s interest on Manti Te’o, Lennay Kekua is a top search right now, dead or alive she is the hot topic of media and the search keyword hitting the search engines.

But who is Lennay Kekua? What do we know about her?

Lennay Kekua is said to be the girlfriend of sport celebrity Manti Te’o the Notre Dame football star and said to be dying of leukemia. This is the reason for Manti Te’o’s great games performance, and became the headline of sports section on print media and as well as the internet.

Sources also say that Lennay Kekua is a woman met by Manti Te’o online and Manti had a deep feelings for her after several chat online, but still no one knows if Lennay Kekua really existed as no information about her exist. News posted that she is a student and studying in Standford and she is dead or dying because of Leukemia.

Now people are neither searching for her bio or profile even facebook and twitter but no Lennay Kekua existed nor a photo of her.

A misidentified photo of Lennay Kekua was posted online but it turns out that it’s not her, see photo below:

Lennay Kekua Photos

Lennay Kekua alleged photos turned fake photo credit: Getty Images

A deep investigation is being conducted by authorities of the Notre Dame team on the alleged hoax that flooded the internet.

A love story that good have gotten an Oscar award for its Romance or an all time New York’s Best Seller turned nightmare for Manti Te’o.

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