List of How to Earn Money Online

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List of How to Earn Money Online

There are many ways to earn money online, here are some of it.

  1. Through Ads

You can earn some money online through Ads, let your available space earn some money by letting them rent a small portion of your page, from Banner to small gif. The pricing depends upon your number of visitors, and its up to you if you want to capitalized on the surge of visitors that are visiting your site. Some do earn a few dollars a month to a hundred dollars. Or another way is through PPC Ads like Google Adsense or Adbrite, they will pay you if your reach the 100 dollars threshold, the earnings will depend upon the number of visitors and clicks.

2. PTC (Paid To Click)

Although this is a bit consuming, still another way to earn some money online you can earn here by clicking /surfing other websites, some companies will pay you 0.01 cents per click to 0.05 cents per click.

Seems like a very long way before you can earn a few dollars, but its ok usually this type of money making program do have a very low threshold, usually 2 to 5 dollars and they will automatically send your earnings to PAYPAL or alertpay.

This much better if you add a referral link to your site or blog, it will server as your down line, you get a share of what they earn too. Examples are: Neobux.

3. By taking Survey

Yes!, you can earn a few bucks per survey, just by answering some, or you can add a survey link to your site or a widget to let the visitors do the signing up and taking up the survey, they can win a gadget or items by answering the survey, in return you are earning also. Here is the website that can help you earn, through survey.

4. Inline Text Ads

Don’t have enough space for your Ads? You can still earn some through your content. Using inline text Ads, By Inline text Ads you don’t have to worry about the set-up of your site, all you have to do is to add a small code to your site and that’s it you can earn some

5. By writing a Review

If you have talent in writing, composing stories and writing a review this stuff is ideal for you. There are websites that offers payment to help them write a review of the website or product of their clients. Usually a minimum of 200 to 300 word per article, the company will pay you 5 dollars per article, but the company that recommended you to the client will get a share with the amount usually 70% to 30% split. You get at least 3 dollars fro your review, not bad for just a few minutes of working.


6. Earn Money by Selling Products

You can earn also by referring a product or by adding a product ads in your site, if a visitor like the product and bought it to that shopping site via your website you will get a commission, usually the will give a high commission for the product. Example is AMAZON, add it to your list of money making schemes.

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