Million People March Against Pork Barrel –Join the Protest

Sunday, August 25, 2013, 5:19 Latest News

Million People March Against Pork Barrel –Join the Campaign

The Million People Protest against the Pork Barrel is now set, it is expected that there will be millions of fed up concerned Pinoy that will join the million people protest on Monday, this is against the corruption and the PORK BARREL… I think it’s time now to end the PORK BARREL it’s time to end the corruption, the public can’t take it anymore.. No more Janet Napoles… no more bogus NGO… No more corrupt politicians… it’s time to end this… these are the grievances of the public… stop the corruption, stop politicians, congressmen, senators pocketing millions of public money.

Million People March Against Pork Barrel –Join the Campaign

The Million People Protest started in social media, an it’s not going to end in social media but will continue in the streets of Manila, the protest against PORK BARREL!! will continue…will not stop.

It’s time to end it… no stopping of protest until the President and the politician end the use of Pork Barrel. But even thought that there is a loud call to the government to end the use of pork barrel there are some stupid politicians who still want to hold on to the pork,  they have some lame excuses saying they need it to help the people ( or maybe to pocket some).

Yes some gave some good reasons and asking for a good management and rules to the use of PORK BARREL, but most of them are just lame excuses.

One of the politicians who defended pork barrel and hated by the public because of her comment, she is now being bash by negative comments because of her statement below:

“Basta huwag lang manghihingi sa amin ang mga tao! E, anong ibibigay namin [kung wala na kaming Pork Barrel]? –Rep. Lanni Mercado  Yahoo News


What do you think of her comment? Disgusting? Or she is just telling the truth? What do you think?


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