Miranda Kerr leaked photos Uncensored

Sunday, August 5, 2012, 1:58 Latest News

Miranda Kerr leaked photos Uncensored

Miranda Kerr is now on the spotlight after some of her photo nud3 leaked online although this is not a new story but still the photos becomes viral online and is now posted across the internet in different blogs and media websites. The Victoria Secret  Model and wife of Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom did not give any comment on the leaked photos.

Miranda Kerr leaked photos Uncensored

The photos is said to have been taken by French photographer Laurent Darmonand was posted on his website but was take n down the following day, the photos is said have been taken 2009. It was a part of photo shoot according to sources.

She was still 26 years old according to a certain website when the photo shoot happened, this was before she was married to Orlando bloom, I guess the Victoria Secret Model that captured our attention in the recently Victoria Secret model show were she walk the stage in the tune of Maroon 5 “ Moves Like Jagger”  captured our attention once again.

Most of the photos posted on the several websites are already censored, like http://www.triplem.com.au and now the search for the Miranda Kerr leaked photos Uncensored is hitting up on the net. Have you found one? A certain website highsnobiety.com posted uncensored photos of her on their article.

photo credit: topnews.in

Miranda Kerr leaked photos Uncensored

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