Mitchell Guist Biography, Photos Swamp People Star

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By Jo Teach

Mitchell Guist Biography, Photos Swamp People Star

Mitchell Guist one of the most recognizable star in the hit reality show “Swamp People”  he just recently passed away but still his memories lives on and people still want to know more about him.

So who is Michell Guist from Swamp People? Read his short biography below

Mitchell Guist Biography

Mitchell Guist Biography

Mitchell Guist Biography

Name: Mitchell Guist

Brother: Glenn Guist

Lives Louisiana Brittany

Age: 47 years old

Died May 14, 2012

Works at Alexander Concrete Products

Mitchell lives in Conway  Bayou with his brother Glenn, the lived entirely off the land, making them  known as the Swamp People,  they  get their living and food from the swamp,

They became famous when the History Channel featured their daily life, as a reality show, every Thursday making them an instant celebrity.

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