Mozilla Firefox 4 Download

Friday, May 4, 2012, 1:34 Resources

Mozilla Firefox 4 Download

Mozilla released their new Mozilla Firefox 4 beta, this new browser prom new look a great looking interface that is easy to use, noticeable speed, multi-touch support and the new WebGL for 3d browsing.

Below are some specifications of the new Mozilla Firefox 4 beta

  • WebM and HD Video
  • Protecting Your Privacy

  • New JS values

  • Multi-touch Support

  • Audio API

  • 3D on the Web

  • Retained layers


  • Stylin’ Pages with CSS3

  • Fabulous Fonts

  • Upgrading Forms

  • HTML5 Support

  • Web Console

  • JetPack SDK (Making Add-on Development Easier)

  • Full Hardware Acceleration

  • SVG as Images

  • Crash Protection

  • Compartments

Download the Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta version.

The beta version includes a Feedback Add-on based on Mozilla Test Pilot


Source: Mozilla website

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