Mystery Man on the Roof Photo Trending

Tuesday, April 16, 2013, 9:45 Latest News

Mystery Man on the Roof Photo Trending

A shocking event happened in Boston another terrorist attacked that shocked the nation another bombing in the U.S.

Several victims were hurt about 144, 3 victims confirmed dead, a very sad day for the people of the U.S.A and the world a sad news, a reminder that the war on terror has not yet ended, and the danger of being hit by a bomb attack is still very much alive.

Mystery Man on the Roof photo

The police already do have a suspect in custody but not yet confirmed if the suspect do have knowledge in the bombing, according to the police the suspect is a Saudi National and a student, but no confirmation from the authorities about the name and the details on the identity of the suspect.

Within an hour of the blast, the net is flooded with photos of the bombing, videos are also posted on Youtube, hundreds of images are shared on the net showing the chaotic scene a horrifying event that happened in Boston.

With this a photo is going viral on the net, the hash tag Mystery Man on the Roof is trending worldwide, the photo is now being shared online and the question on search engine is now being asked who is the mystery man on the roof?

The keyword Mystery Man on the Roof is now a top search on major search engines, even though that the photo is not yet known whether it was edited or not, some says that it is real but no confirmation of the identity of the man on the roof, no one knows.

There are a lot of rumors circulating on the net on the true identity of the man on the roof, some says that it is just a curious tenant others are speculating that it might be the suspect.

We don’t know for sure unless the Mystery Man on the Roof finally comes out.

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