Nokia’s Ovi gaining popularity

Tuesday, May 22, 2012, 4:38 Mobile Details

Nokia’s Ovi gaining popularity

With today’s popularity of smart phones, a great add-ons such as games, applications and other stuff that can be added to your cellphone is a must to make your gadget more appealing and worth using.

With the Iphone’s launch of their online store, where tons of tools and applications are stored where users can download items, it helps the infamous smart phone to gain more buyers.

With this Nokia launch its Ovi stores also, with their SDK for developer also. This is great for consumer, the more the merrier right? Although Iphone still lead the race, who knows more and more developers and consumers and getting attracted to smart phones of Nokia and its Ovi store especially that the Ovi store is getting better and bett er, visit the Ovi Store:

Nokia Ovi Services





Here’s the news from Nokia

Nokia today announced that its Ovi Store has reached 3 million downloads per day, a milestone spurred by overall global demand and a recent update that gives users of Nokia’s new Symbian smartphone family a friendlier look and feel as well as more popular apps and games. The company is also gaining significant software developer momentum with more than 400 000 new developers joining Forum Nokia in the past 12 months, and 92 surpassing the million download milestone for their apps.


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    I hope nokia will be a trusted brand in india only for their legacy.Nokia’ s official Ovi Store is developing rapidly and becoming increasingly popular among users.

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