Oscar 2013 Wardrobe Malfunction Photos in Demand

Sunday, February 24, 2013, 12:36 Latest News

Oscar 2013 Wardrobe Malfunction Photos in Demand

Oscar 2013 Awards 2013 is here, several famous actresses and actors will surely attend the ceremony and make some buzz about themselves.

It is expected that hundreds of fans and media will cover the event, who will win the Best actress and Actor? This is the hot topic, who will get the best picture? Who will be the best director? These are some question regarding the Oscar 2013 award, but another hot topic that will surely going to be a hit, is an artist that will suffer a wardrobe malfunction, its inevitable as every year someone always show their assets on hundreds of camera and videos, seems like it’s a tradition, but who will be the center of attention? Who will be the next?

oscar 2013 wardrobe malfunction

Last year here are some of the lists of artist thought to have suffered wardrobe malfunction during the Oscar awards 2012. Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz.

This year, who do you think will be?

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