Pedro Quezada $338 million Jackpot Lottery Winner

Tuesday, March 26, 2013, 2:17 Latest News

Pedro Quezada $338 million Jackpot Lottery Winner

Must be a lucky year for Pedro Quezada, a changes that will surely change his life and her family forever. So what’s the news about Pedro Quezada? Well he is the only winner for the $388 million jackpot prize that was drawn last March 23, 2013 and he is the sole winner in the lottery draw.

Pedro Quezada $338 million Jackpot

So who is Pedro Quezada? What do we know about him?

Pedro Quezada is an immigrant from Dominican Republic, 44 years old married to Inez Sanchez he bought his winning lotto ticket from a New Jersey Liquor store, the winning jackpot combination is 17-29-31-52-53  with the powerball of  31 .

He said that he is very happy and willing to help his family in New Jersey and Dominican as well.

Well the demand for his photo is now going viral as everyone wants to know more about this person and his whereabouts.’

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