One Piece 655 Spoilers Download

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One Piece 655 Spoilers Download

The last chapter One Piece 654, the group already left fishman island they are going to the new world, while Nami is taking a bath Nami, Sanji and Brook tries to peek on her, The team tried to capture a giant deep sea fish for their menu they shot it with a canon, they even run on a group of island whales this chapter was fun and exciting as the team venture in to the new world.

One Piece 656 next chapter to read

What do you think will happen now after that adventure? Will they push through to the Fishman island or Nami island?

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Heading for Punk Hazard. The enemy are samurai and a talking dragon.
Smoker has his hair slicked back, sunglasses, and a scar on his face. It seems he’s also going to Punk Hazard.

Luffy, Zoro, Robin, Usopp get off the ship.
The others keep watch.

Chapter is full of talk of Wano Country.

*note- punk hazard literally means a danger of tires bursting, but it seems to be a place, here. Country of Samurai, Wano aka Ryuma’s birth place

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