President Hugo Chavez Dead Know the Truth(PHOTOS)

Friday, January 4, 2013, 9:04 Latest News

President Hugo Chavez Dead Know the Truth(PHOTOS)

There are a lot of speculations on the status of health of the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, until he is in Cuba and now video or images of him being shown to the public to stop the rumors that he is not in good condition or worst dead.

The government of Venezuela denied the rumors circulating the Hugo is dead, he is still alive after the very critical operation but he is now in a good state of condition, he is suffering from a lung infection, but no images or whatsoever to proved that he is still alive, making the public conclude that he might be dead and the recent government officials just don’t want to reveal his state to be able to hold on to their position.

Hugo Chavez Dead Photo

Hugo Chavez Dead Photo credit: Getty Images

No diagnosis or prognosis so far on the condition of Hugo Chavez, just plain statement saying that his condition is not good.

With this, what do you think? He is in a dangerous condition or shall we say vegetative state? Or he is really dead and the governments just don’t want to divulge it.

President Hugo Chavez Dead or Alive?

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