Who is Rakhima Ganieva Miss World Uzbekistan 2013 – Profile Bio

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Who is Rakhima Ganieva Miss World Uzbekistan 2013 – Profile Bio

She is young beautiful and talented,  she is from Tashkent Uzbekistan, and just 18 years old,  she loves to travel and ‘s very sporty, with musical talent,  she is smart reading books and topics like Chekhov, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and among others, she wants to become a lawyer someday, truly a Miss World beauty contestant truly beautiful. She was crowned July 20, 2013 as Miss World Uzbekistan.

Yes you admire her, everyone admires her.. if the above description of Miss World Uzbekistan Rakhima Ganieva is true, but the problem is the Officials at the Uzbek Culture and Sports Ministry and the National Committee on Womens denies her existence, in the first place Uzbekistan is a strict Muslim country who doesn’t hold any Miss World contest at all, this issue becomes a mystery..

If Uzbekistan denies her existence… who the hell is she? Who is Rakhima Ganieva?  This remains a mystery, as her profile is covered with lies and deceit, there are some sources saying that she is a model from Uzbekistan, others are saying that she is now even from Uzbekistan at all, this is really a big shame to the organizers of Miss World, as no one really knows her identity, she does have some photos with different contestant.. Even a caption on one of her photos saying “ I really want to Win”.

What if the pageant organizers did not discover this issue? And she won the Miss World contest… what do you think will happen. See some of her cute photos on the Miss World 2013 pageant..from Facebook, she is hot… but seems like she will have a much better career in the U.S if she want’s to be a model or something, her stunt will make her famous big time.


Who is Rakhima Ganieva Miss World Uzbekistan 2013 - Profile Bio




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