Richard Sierra, Inexperienced Nudist Acquitted

Sunday, February 10, 2013, 2:07 Latest News

Richard Sierra, Inexperienced Nudist Acquitted

Richard Sierra 48, Acquitted from the case

Attempted to hide scars on his stomach by wearing a tank top

Cream for eczema on another part of his body makes the onlookers think that he was using a pleasure cream to pleasure himself.

An Inexperienced Nudist


I guess be careful in everything that you do especially if don’t wear any, a lesson learned from an inexperienced nudist Richard Sierra, this is not about having an indecent exposure to the public, but it’s about what you do while being completely exposed.

Richard Sierra tried to protest against public indecent exposure but made a mistake when he tried to rearrange himself  touching to his private parts, he said he was trying to rearrange because he was uncomfortable this thing happened in the Castro District.

With this a man walking his dog saw him and thought that he was pleasuring himself, so he alerted the police leading to the arrest of Richard Sierra.

It’s a bad experience for Richard Sierra it’s his first and might be his last.

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