Who is Robert Carabuena ? Bio, Video Photo

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 Who is Robert Carabuena ? Bio, Video Photo

Robert Carabuena is now being called by different wild names like  stup*d as*h*le after mistreating a traffic officer (MMDA), his rude behavior spark the netizens to take actions against him, calling him by different negative names. His photos is also posted online, in different social networking sites as well as blogs and his scandalous Youtube videos is now being posted and watched several times, getting thousands of hits in short he is now wanted online.

Robert Carabuena profile photos

But who is Robert Carabuena? see his short profile below from Linkedin

Name: Robert Blair Carabuena

HR Recruiter at West Contact Services

Graduate of Ateneo de Manila University

Supervisor Resourcing at Philip Morris International


Some of the comments against him are:

  • Justice for kuya mmda… robert carabuena, karma is now digital. beware of netizens. you’re a dead meat!
  • Ang yabang akala mo Kung sino … dapat Sa mga abusadong civilian eh ireklamo..para maparusahan…
  • who is this mother f*cking fat man bullying the poor MMDA…he’s such an as$h*le!
  • Apparently, Robert Blair Carabuena has deleted/deactivated his Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Well, you had it coming mister.
  • FOR ROBERT BLAIR CARABUENA: Ang Walang MODO….Bow! “Never take a person’s dignity. It is worth everything to them,and nothing 2 you.”
  • and more!!

See the videos below about him and the MMDA posted in Youtube

Robert Carabuena Youtube Videos


What do you think of his actions? what do you think about the reactions of the Netizens?

Who is Robert Carabuena ? Bio, Video Photo

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