Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch Specs Price

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Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch  Specs Price

I guess you already heard the news, Samsung just recently released a smartwatch, Samsung want to get the slice of a pie for the smartwatch section, this sector is dominated by Pebble, Apple is also trying to enter the mainstream based on the patents and leaked rumors about their development on the smart watch, maybe their product as expected might be called iWatch.

Samsung just unveiled the smartwatch called Galaxy Gear Smartwatch at the IFA consumer tech conference in Berlin along with Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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Some was amazed with the new watch others are not impressed but the public are more patience and appreciative with the product more and they think it’s a bold move for Samsung to be the first one to released a fully smart smartwatch, equipped with tools like a smartphone, well its first time so let’s consider there are some problems with smartwatch, like the response time and of course its resolution, the graphics…the speed…. but it is always like this for the first product so it’s already given, and users are far more understanding  when it comes to downside of the product if  it’s the first product. Well its first generation what do you expect.

The good thing about Samsung releasing the smartwatch is that it well set a standard and might be a like a domino effect, making other companies to release their own version, good competition, good for consumers. So far the markets for Smartwatch is limited and people are not that entice to buy one… but with this release the public might be open for other gadgets.

So what are the features and specs of the smartwatch? Read the details below:

70 apps available for the Galaxy Gear

Compatible only with Galaxy Note III smartphone a new Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet or Galaxy S4

Equipped with S-Voice

Galaxy Gear SmartWatch  Specs Price

Display: 320 x 320-pixel, 1.63-inch AMOLED touchscreen

Processor: 800MHz processor, a 315mAh battery

Camera: 1.9-megapixel 720p, 640 x 640 or VGA resolution

Storage: 4GB of built-in storage.

Operating System: Android 4.3

Release Date: September 25th

Price: $299

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