Sasha Czack Biography Mother of Sage Stallone

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Sasha Czack Biography Mother of Sage Stallone

sasha czack biography

Name: Sasha Czack

Birth Name

Alexandra Jane Czack

Date of Birth   17 July 1950, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA

Height    5′ (1.52 m)

Studied at Notre Dame

Married to Sylvester Stallone December 28, 1974 – 14 February 1985 with 2 children (divorced)

Husband  Rick Ash

sasha czack biography

Sasha Czack with Sylvester including their two child, (Sage Stallone)


Movies of Sasha Czack

1982    Rocky III

1951    Love of Life

2006  Vic

She is the mother of Sage Stallone,

Lead still photographer and co-writer of Rocky (1976)


Sasha Czack Biography

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