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1 Dollar for School

Help them go to school and buy things for School DONATE
Help us send children to schools or buy them school supplies like bags, pens, papers and notebooks, books please donate, your 1 dollar will be a very big help, you can help them have a better future.
Seems like 1 dollar is not enough, but if everyone will contribute it will be enough to help them go to school please share your blessings help us buy school supplies for children or send them to schools.

FAQ 1 Dollar for School

How much do I have to donate?

Any amount will do, just a 1 dollar is enough but if you want to give more, we will greatly appreciate it.

What is an assurance that the money I will donate will be used to help children go to school?

With hundreds of fake organizations pretending to help others and asking for some donations, others are sometimes hesitant to donate some amount to help those organizations

With Us,

We assure you that your money will be used to help those children go to school or help them buy things for school; all funds will be used only, strictly only for schools.

We plead you to help us, and trust us, we are not an organization we are just individuals who wanted to help, although we are already helping some but our funds are not enough to help others who are still in need, we are limited in funds so far we are using our own money to fund this endeavor, through our savings.

We need your help.

How can we donate?

We have a Paypal account, just click the button below to donate, just type the amount ex. 1 then click donate. Paypal accepts most major credit cards.

What can we get in return if we donate?

If you have blog or site, we can add a back link below of your site and we will promote to visitors of this site to visit your website, a simple appreciation of your help; just send us your link through this email:
And we believe in the saying “If you help others God will return it to you ten folds

Do you have a website for this endeavor?

So far we don’t have a site, but as soon as we do have the time and funds to buy a simple domain and hosting, we are going to set up one, so far due to limitations of funds, we decided not to have one, instead of using the money to buy a domain and hosting, it is much more better if we used it to buy school supplies for children.

What made you decide to carry out this undertaking?

Every day, we encounter some less fortunate people, who are asking for help, problems with their children, financial, asking to help them buy school supplies, tuition fees and other stuff related to school, we extended our help by lending some small amount, to ease their troubles, but sometimes we also do encounter some shortcomings especially with financial matters, thats why sometimes we were not able to help them.

We regards to thi,s we made a decision to create this page to ask for your help, gather some funds. Please donate

Thanks for your Kindness