#SlaneGirl HashTag UNCENSORED PHOTO Goes Viral

Thursday, August 22, 2013, 13:27 Latest News

#SlaneGirl HashTag UNCENSORED PHOTO Goes Viral

It’s a sad day for women and a disappointment for netizens as a photo of young girl age 17 years old is now being posted and shared online… especially in social media websites like twitter and facebook.

The Eminem show made some headlines after a young woman 17 years old is giving a guy an explicit act in public,  the act was caught on photo and the photograph was shared online,  the unfortunate incident happened in an Eminem concert in Ireland in Slane Castle with 80, 000 people in attendance.

The photo was posted online and the girl on the photo giving some explicit act to the stupid guy has been the subject of bullying the photo was called with different harsh name, this lead to the teen ager to be hospitalized according to the report the girl is ‘devastated’ and was so distraught and still not fit to be interviewed.

Most of the internet users knew that the lady was a teenager underage but instead of protecting her she was bullied and the hashtag $Slanegirl was tweeted and shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr, with her uncensored photos. The photos and account by those who shared was taken down by the administrator of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter due to violation of TOS and of course P*rn*graphy. A message of support was posted on twitter and Instagram and tumblr for the woman just like below.

#SlaneGirl HashTag UNCENSORED PHOTO Goes Viral

An investigation is now being done to prevent another incident to any concert that will happen in Ireland,  if the age of the teenager is said to be true it could be the worst day for the guy on the photo as this is going to be a sexual assault and the guy on the photo may face jailtime (good).

We don’t know if what will happen to this case, the only thing for sure is… it’s a really sad moment for the teenager as she became the victim of cyber bullying.

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