Stacie Halas (Tiffany Six) Profile Pictures

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Stacie Halas (Tiffany Six) Profile Pictures

Another scandal again hit the American schools, this time its now about a scandal involving a teacher and a students or students or a coach in a basketball or football team, but an X rated video a hard core video of a teacher, yes not with other people in a campus or neighborhood, but in an explicit company, yes she is working night time shifts, working two jobs at the same time a school teacher teaching seventh and eighth graders and an artist at the same time. There are news that the film was taken before she was hired as a teacher and she already leave the job as a P*rn star, to have a new life and forget her past, but too bad for her, someone saw her X rated videos, and now her life is ruined again.

The administration is already investigating the scandal, they already fired Stacie Halas because of violating the morality clause in her contract, Stacie Halas went missing when the scandal broke out.

She is living two lives…so what do we know about her?

Stacie Halas (Tiffany Six) Profile Pictures

Name Stacie Halas

Age: 31 years old

Oxnard School teacher

Science teacher
Teaching seventh- and eighth-graders at Richard B. Haydock Intermediate School

Star Nickname: Tiffany Six

Dubbed by media as Best P*rn Star Teacher ever

Stacie Halas (Tiffany Six) Profile Pictures

Stacie Halas (Tiffany Six) Profile Pictures

Stacie Halas (Tiffany Six) Profile Pictures

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